About Us

Our Mission, The mission of Christ the Savior Church is to serve the religious and spiritual needs of Orthodox Christians of all backgrounds, converts to Orthodox Christianity, those in inter-faith marriages, and the “un-churched” living in Hernando County, FL, and especially, though not exclusively, those whose mother tongue is English.

Our worship life is focused on the participation of the members of the congregation. We seek to “live the Liturgy”

The people sing! We have no choir. The whole of the Divine Liturgy is sung or read by the members of the Church. The music is very simple and direct. People find it easy to share in the worship; and they also find it spiritually refreshing.

Nearly all in English! All of our worship services are in English, but we use a little Greek, Slavonic, Arabic, Romanian and Albanian- traditional Orthodox languages, to connect us with our past. All share in each other’s language tradition-but most of our Services are conducted in English.

Many of the “silent” Prayers are said aloud, with a text provided for all the worshipers to pray along. This helps each person share fully in our rich worship heritage.

Frequent Participation in Holy Communion characterizes our congregation. However, Holy Communion is only for Orthodox Christians in good standing with the Church. Talk to the Priest about this.